ABB Electrification Business took part in „Ignitis ON: pažink Lietuvą!“ EV-race

ABB Electrification Business took part in „Ignitis ON: pažink Lietuvą!“ EV-race

ABB Electrification Business raced among top ten best teams in the tenth ever EV Race „Ignitis ON: pažink Lietuvą!“ traditionally routes from Vilnius to Palanga.

Being the only one of its kind in the Baltic countries, event brought together individuals fond of e-mobility as well as industry leaders and experts, offering a platform to demonstrate the latest innovations in EV technology and exchange ideas on a sustainable future society. Anyone interested in e-mobility could see the cars and talk to competitors and get acquainted with latest technological developments. 

E-mobility inspires

E-mobility inspires “I am truly inspired by the electric cars’ race. The competition was intense, the outcome was uncertain until the very end. I am proud that ABB participates annually. As a passionate supporter of e-mobility, it's encouraging to see more people appreciating the benefits of electric mobility. In Lithuania, the adoption of electric vehicles is increasing, supported by government incentives and an expanding network of charging stations, which also benefit urban air quality. The trend shows a significant rise in EV registrations. In the next race, we expect even more teams competing for the podium, reflecting the growing popularity of e-mobility. The best part of today’s 'Ignitis ON: pažink Lietuvą!' is that we didn't emit any CO2 or other pollutants during the race,” commented Audrius Lapinskas, the Head of Electrification Business in Lithuania, highlighting the sustainable transport setting new racing standards.

A record-breaking electrified convey of 54 electric vehicles set off from Vilnius city center towards the resort town of Palanga on Friday, including a team of ABB experts.

Pit-stop at the green energy hub of Lithuania

The racing team of ABB got an unforgettable experience out of the "Ignitis ON: pažink Lietuvą!" (Ignitis ON: Discover Lithuania). Previously charged with solar energy at the premises of ABB in Vilnius, the CO2 footprint of ABB participation is an example to follow. With pit-stops in the Panevėžio branch of AB "Kelių priežiūra" and in one of Lithuania's oldest towns called Kražiai (Lithuanian: Kražių). The stopover aimed to draw attention to the Kelmes (Lithuanian: Kelmės) district of the latter, where “Ignitis Renewables” is currently setting up a wind farm, the biggest in the Baltic countries. Turning the small town into a sort of a green energy hub, with commercial operation of green energy production planned for 2025. The wind farms are expected to start commercial operation as early as 2025, according to company representatives.

Valuable experience for ABB team  

“I've always been passionate about electric cars because they represent the future of sustainable transportation. Driving an electric vehicle is a unique experience – the instant and silent acceleration are reserved for e-mobility only, compared to conventional cars that just can't match. Participating in the EV Race from Vilnius to Palanga was an incredible emotion, and also an opportunity to showcase this cutting-edge technology. This race showed that the EV-charging infrastructure in Lithuania is already really good, and public and private sector, both keep investing heavily into it. Events like this race are essential for highlighting the potential of e-mobility and encouraging more people to make the switch to electric vehicles in Lithuania. The growth of EV adoption in Lithuania is promising, and I believe we are on the brink of a major shift towards a greener, more sustainable future," Edgaras Andrulis, Sales Specialist of E-mobility at ABB Lithuania expressed.

Via trita, via truta alias the the beaten path is the safe path

The EV Race from Vilnius to Palanga is a significant event promoting sustainable mobility in Lithuania, where the adoption of electric vehicles is steadily increasing.  

"Ignitis ON: pažink Lietuvą!" is more  than just a race and meeting place of experts in the field of e-mobility. It is also a way of exchanging positive experience and information about e-mobility and to learn of new technologies. The trend of a rising number of electric vehicles in Lithuania is a trend and ABB EL Business EV car fleet contributes being part of the big picture. The development of countrywide infrastructure is supported by government and business initiatives, such as the investments into expansion of EV charging networks. ABB entered the e-mobility market already in 2010, and has ever since gained valuable experience,” Dainius Bružas, the Head of ABB Electrification Business in the Baltic Countries said.  

The ABB team represented by Jekaterina Ciulada, Jolanta Merkelyte, Audrius Lapinskas and Edgaras Andrulis hit the roac on a VW ID.7 PRO and a Škoda Enyaq RS Coupe 80x. The annual „Ignitis ON: pažink Lietuvą!“ EV-race took place on June the 10th this year.

The participation in "Ignitis ON: pažink Lietuvą!" exemplifies ABB’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of e-mobility and confirms our commitment to a sustainable future through advanced electrification solutions. For more information about ABB's participation and future events, please visit ABB Electrification Business and the event's official website EV Race.


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