ABB Technology Event Abstracts Session 1

9.15am and 2.05pm

Self-Healing Distribution Network case studies

Presented by Anisur Rahman, Senior Protection Engineer, ABB Australia

This presentation covers specific examples of how ABB’s self-healing networking solutions have been adopted globally.

ABB was approached by network performance engineers with reliability indices at distribution networks in Finland and Italy and requested for solutions to improve the SAIDI, MAIFI and SAIFI.

Using self-healing networking concept, ABB’s solutions were implemented that resulted in significant improvement in the network indices. These were:

  1. Centralised DMS600 with Overhead reclosers and remote controlled air switches with power measurement at Fortum, Finland.
  2. Selectivity logic between secondary substations using IEC 61850 GOOSE communication to manage distributed generation at ACEA, Italy.
  3. Distributed compensation of reactive power and earth fault currents by cost efficient Volt/VAR optimization using “Tractor”, ABB’s combined Transformer-Reactor at Savon Voima, Finland.
  4. Arctic family of wireless communication in secondary distribution field devices to improve network indices at Vaasa, Finland.


Upcoming Developments in Robotics

Presented by Roy Fraser, Global Product Manager Picking, Packing, Palletizing, ABB UK

 This paper offers an insight into upcoming developments in robotics and the factors that have influenced these developments.

The internet has widened our horizons and improves our capabilities by connecting us to a wider community and their collective knowledge. A similar revolution in industry is connecting intelligent machines and the collective data generated from a growing number of electronic sensors. We are ‘seeing, hearing, and feeling’ our industrial processes like never before and this empowers the decisions we make to optimise performance. ABB is a driver of the The Internet of Things, Services and People to help our customer improve data analysis, boost productivity, enhance reliability, save energy and costs, and generates new revenue opportunities through innovative business models.


Increasing reliability of large AC Motors

Presented by Kayla Saggers, Condition Based Monitoring Engineer, ABB in Australia

Proactive maintenance helps plant operators to maximise efficiency, minimise stoppages and optimize their cost of ownership.

The presentation will focus on ABB MACHsense-P, a condition monitoring service that addresses the reliability of the complete shaft line, including the motor, gearbox and driven load (pump, fan or compressor). It identifies electrical and mechanical issues related to the rotor, bearings, gearbox and other components – problems which account for a major percentage of total failures.

ABB MACHsense-P is a ‘walk-around’ condition monitoring service which provides reliable early warnings of defects, allowing more time for effective maintenance planning. By contrast, other systems only give a reliable warning when failure is imminent.

ABB utilises a custom developed data collector along with unique analysis tools based on in-depth research. For more effective results it takes an integrated approach, using the same hardware and software to detect, monitor and diagnose electrical and mechanical problems in the entire shaft line.

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