Contact Center New Zealand

Making it easy for you to contact ABB

Do you have an inquiry but do not know where to turn? 


In this case you can contact our Contact Center via phone or e-mail (or chat, where available). You can also submit a web inquiry using the web contact form. See the details below.


The Contact Center for New Zealand provides a simple, single point of contact to all of our sales, service and internal support groups. 


The Contact Center teams will ensure that you are connected to the right person. Each inquiry is logged and a reference number is provided for your convenience.


The 0800 GO 4 ABB (0800 46 4 222) phone line offers 24 hour support and the team can quickly put you in touch with the right person.


Phone: 0800 GO 4 ABB (0800 46 4 222) (within NZ) and +64 7 850 2721 (outside NZ)




Fax: +64 7 849 3526


Online form: Contact us


Live agent: 

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