Service for wind turbine converters

ABB offers comprehensive global life-cycle services to help customers’ wind turbine converters operate like new.


ABB engineers not only work with turbine manufacturers during the design and converter specification phase, but provide their services throughout the entire life cycle of the converters.

Installation and commissioning

ABB’s certified onshore and offshore commissioning engineers have extensive know-how and experience in wind turbine converters and mechanical start-ups, which makes commissioning fast and smooth and lays the foundation for high reliability and efficiency.

Technical support

ABB provides remote services for fast failure analysis as part of its maintenance program for wind turbine converters. On customer request, a 24/7 support line for getting instant advice by ABB’s certified engineers, and on-site field support can be provided.

Spares and consumables

Having the correct spare parts available at the correct locations, either at the turbine manufacturer’s warehouse, regional stocking centers or at wind farms, needs to be well-planned to ensure the highest wind turbine energy production. ABB can help plan spare part stocking throughout the life cycle of the wind turbine.

Preventive maintenance

The turbine converter performs critical duties in power generation and its failure may result in loss of production and revenue. Adopting and implementing ABB’s converter-specific preventive maintenance schedules reduces the risk of failure and increases the lifetime of the converter, lowering overall operational costs. ABB developed preventive maintenance kits containing all the genuine ABB spare parts needed to perform a specific maintenance task, helping to simplify the preventive maintenance process.

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