Technical data ACS800 low voltage wind turbine converter

Converter data

Converter types

  • Converter for doubly-fed induction generator
  • Full power converter for permanent magnet and asynchronous generators
Available converter models

Doubly-fed converter models:

  • ACS800-67 (air cooled)
  • ACS800-67-LC (liquid cooled)

Full power converter models:

  • ACS800-77LC (liquid cooled)
  • ACS800-87LC (liquid cooled) 

Generator power range

0.6 to 6 MW


  • Air cooling with enclosed cabinet
  • Liquid cooling with totally enclosed cabinet

Electrical data

Rated grid voltage

525 to 690 V AC, 3 ph, +/- 10%

Rated generator voltage

  • according to generator, up to 12 kV (doubly-fed converters)
  • 0 to 750 V AC (full power converters)

Nominal frequency

50 +/- 3 Hz / 60 +/- 3 Hz

Efficiency at converter's rated point

up to ≥98%
Generator-side du/dt 1.0 to 1.4 kV / µs
Grid harmonics
Total harmonic current distortion
  • Max 3% with DFIG generator current (doubly-fed converters)
  • Max 4% (full power converters)


Control principle

Direct Torque Control (DTC)

Field bus interface

EtherCAT, PROFINET IO, PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen and Modbus, ControlNet, InterBus-S, DeviceNet

Ethernet interface  Ethernet interface with PC browser is included
Control tool link  Optical DDCS communication link for communication with PC tools as standard

Environmental limits

Ambient temperature

Transport and storage -40 to +70 oC
Operation -30 to +40 oC (doubly-fed converters)
Operation -30 to +50 oC (full power converters)


0 to 1000 m

Optional high altitude  up to 4000 m 

Coolant inlet temperature

+5 to +50 oC (ACS800-77LC)
+5 to +45 oC (ACS800-87LC)

Optional high coolant inlet temperature 
  • up to +50 oC (liquid-cooled doubly-fed converter)
  • up to +55 oC (full power converters)

Degree of protection


Grid code compliance

Grid codes

Supports wind turbine to comply with the most stringent grid code requirements

Product compliance

Product markings

Air cooled converters:

  • CE
  • UL Classified with IEC standard 61400-1

Liquid-cooled converters:

  • CE


Liquid-cooled converters:

  • UL508A, UL508C, CSA C22.2 No 14-05
EN 61800-3/ A11 (2000), EN 61800-3 (2004)
2nd environment, unrestricted distribution, category C3

Quality assurance system

ISO 9001

Environmental system

ISO 14001

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. 

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