Electrical drivetrain packages

Drivetrain components working in synch


ABB can provide the complete electrical drivetrain, including converter and generator.

Selection and dimensioning of drivetrain

ABB supports today's main drivetrain concepts. Our drivetrain specialists will support turbine manufacturers in selecting the most suitable drivetrain concept, and design and dimension the drivetrain components to function in perfect synch.

Complete drivetrain tests

Besides comprehensive real-time simulations of grid code disturbances, fault ride-through and power quality tests of the wind turbine converter, ABB is able to perform tests of the complete drivetrain to verify the performance and to ensure a smooth integration of the drivetrain into the customer's wind turbine.

Turbine certification support

Turbine certifications are based on grid codes used in the region where the turbine will be installed. ABB engineers can help the manufacturer use and maximize the converter's technology to meet the requirements of the grid code.

Drivetrain concepts and components

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