Customer benefits

Power conversion for large wind turbines calls for special solutions. Whether it is variable wind speed, a weak grid or restricted accessibility, ABB's medium-voltage full-scale converters provide outstanding performance and optimum value over the full life cycle of a wind turbine - from engineering over installation to operation and service.

For the benefit of wind turbine manufacturer

Less space, advanced features, maximum availability

  • Compact design
    The all-inclusive design - the voltage limiting unit, the precharging unit and the cooling unit are all integrated in the PCS6000 cabinets (IP54), resulting in an unmatched power density.
  • Small number of components
    The PCS6000's low parts count results in improved availability.
  • Motor mode for turbine testing
    The 4-quadrant topology of the PCS6000 allows the turbine to be run in motor drive mode. This feature enables heat-run trial tests on the shopfloor.
  • Precise rotor positioning
    With the help of the PCS6000 motor drive mode, the rotor can be brought into the optimal position for blade installation.
  • Efficient drive train damping
    A full decoupling of the generator from the grid minimizes the impact of destructive peak torque. Shocks in the gear during and after a grid disturbance are avoided. Thus, damage to mechanical parts of the wind turbine can be prevented.

For the benefit of wind farm operators

Higher efficiency, longer lifetime, minimum maintenance

  • Maximum wind park utilization
    The PCS6000 full-scale converter technology allows running the wind turbine always on maximum power point. Thus, the highest possible system efficiency at certain wind conditions is achieved.
  • Minimized system losses
    The PCS6000 medium voltage 3-level IGCT topology helps minimizing system losses. Due to moderate currents, cable losses are minimized even over long distances in the turbine.
  • Fuseless design
    In the event of a failure, an immediate remote start is possible once the fault has cleared. No site service is required for fuse replacement.
  • Safe shutdown
    Safe turbine shutdown is guaranteed, even when the grid connection is lost. The brake chopper slows down the turbine according to a preset control curve until the blade pitching finally halts the rotation.
  • Turbine overspeed protection
    Overspeed is managed by the converter in field weakening mode so that even in harsh conditions the wind turbine stays online with maximum production.
  • Grid failure ride-through
    During a major grid disturbance, the brake chopper dissipates the generated power in a shunt resistor. As soon as the fault is cleared, the turbine is smoothly taken back onto the grid in compliance with grid codes. Stress on the generator is reduced since it is decoupled from the grid with the help of the power converter.  

For the benefit of power utilities

Less interference, high power quality, superior grid stabilization

  • Reactive and active power control
    Dynamic reactive and active power feeding allows optimum voltage and frequency stabilization, even with weak grid.
  • Unrivaled harmonic performance
    Algorithms in the converter control eliminate harmonics up to the 29th and thus allows compliance with all relevant standards, even with very weak grids.
  • Soft start capability
    A precharging-unit automatically initiates converter precharging, transformer premagnetization and zero-current synchronization, thus allowing an inrush-free connection to the grid.
  • Grid code compliance
    ABB converter technology complies with present grid codes and is under continuous development in order to comply with upcoming grid code requirements.
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