Learn more about the new powerful Excitation Systems series UNITROL® 6000 

ABB is the world leading volume supplier of high quality UNITROL® Indirect and Static Excitation Systems (SES). We are able to customize our UNITROL® 6000 systems based on your needs: we offer solutions for any type and size of power plant enabling the maximum exploitation of your assets.  

We are proud to introduce you to the new powerful Excitation Systems series of UNITROL® 6000 for Indirect and Static Excitation with three new types:

  • UNITROL® 6000 Light:  N E W
    Standardized entry-solution system; DC current range up to 2000 A
  • UNITROL® 6000 Medium: former UNITROL® 6080
    Fully customizable systems; DC current range up to 2000 A
  • UNITROL® 6000 Power:  N E W
    Fully customizable solutions for mid-power range; DC current current between 2000 and 4000 A
  • UNITROL® 6000 X-power: Former UNITROL® 6800
    Top-class systems able to meet ALL your challenges; DC current between 2000 and 12000
  • UNITROL® 6000 Nuclear:  N E W
    High reliable solutions for nuclear power plants carrying out all relevant certifications to comply with international and local standards.


The new powerful and high quality series of UNITROL® 6000 offers many advantages and benefits:

  • Safety & Low Cost of Ownership
    Our Excitation systems keep always generators within safe limits maximizing run time: 100% system availability after single fault
  • Being compliant to operate on all mayor grids worldwide
    Highly accurate simulation models satisfy Grid Codes Regulations
  • Active Product lifetime management
    All components and spares are designed for a lifetime of 30 years
  • Troubleshooting and operation
    Comprehensive and user-friendly interface to monitor the whole system
  • Support
    24 hours / 365 days hotline; close to YOU!

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