UNITROL® stand-alone Power System Stabilizer (PSS) 

UNITROL stand-alone PSS is an easy-to-use reliable equipment and is mainly intended for the improvement of the damping of the electromechanical oscillations by appropriate influencing the automatic voltage regulator control loop.  

Nowadays, new excitation systems for medium-power and high-power generators are almost always supplied with an integrated PSS. For existing power stations, where a complete replacement of the excitation systems is not planned, there are good reasons to equip the existing voltage regulators with PSS.

Increasingly, network operators demand that the power producers make an active contribution to network stability. In many cases, this can increase the working range of the generator, especially in terms of reactive power consumption capacity.

The ABB stand-alone PSS was specially developed for these applications. This stabilizer is suitable for supplementing not only ABB Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) / Static Excitation Systems (SES), but also for those of other manufacturers.



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