SYNCHROTACT 5 es la quinta generación de equipos de sincronización producidos por ABB en Suiza

  • Maximum safety thanks to SYNCHROTACT dual channel concept
  • Optimum availability due to easy-to-realize system redundancy
  • Lowest engineering cost
  • Fast commissioning
  • Extensive experience with synchronizing systems
  • After-Sales Service: 24 h / 365 days a year Hotline and remote servicing via internet
  • Training program for commissioning and service personnel


  • The SYNCHROTACT - dual channel concept consists of two micro-processor systems, each from different manufacturer and with different software structure
  • A family of devices with a well thought-out type range to support a suitable system redundancy
  • Automatic synchronization of generators and power lines, making use of the IEC 61850
    communication protocol
  • Design compliant with the IEC - protection standards and the guidelines for CE-certification
  • Remote servicing via TCP/IP and Internet
  • Remote control via fieldbus (Modbus, Profibus, LON)
  • One relay synchronizes up to 7 power circuit breakers with different requirements
  • Dead bus / dead line feature
  • For 50 Hz, 60 Hz and 16.7 Hz 

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