UNIREC H2 power rectifier

Optimize your electrolyzer power supply through a powerful and scalable power rectifier UNIREC H2.

We are now at the start of the age of hydrogen. Produced using renewable resources, this versatile element could well prove to be the key to meeting the most important challenge of our time – the decarbonization of our economy.

ABB is already today deploying technology and solutions to support the new hydrogen value chain as we transition to a cleaner energy future. Benefiting for more than 100 years of experience in the development of DC rectifiers for power generation industry with thousands of equipment in operation worldwide, ABB has designed a powerful power rectifier UNIREC H2.

Based on a proven full-wave thyristor converter and ABB latest control technology, UNIREC H2 supply the necessary electric current to dissociate water molecule and produce hydrogen. Designed for projects with high requirements in terms of performances and capacities, ABB UNIREC H2 is based on high-end control technologies and advanced regulation and protection functions.

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Optimize your plant configuration through smart control of UNIREC H2

Optimized CAPEX

  • Minimized overall plant footprint
  • Optimized compensation by means of tailored architecture
  • Standardized/modular solution with short delivery time
Optimized OPEX

  • Increased efficiency by reducing losses
  • Availability up to 99,94%
  • Reduced maintenance, guided by augmented reality
Rely on trusted supplier

  • Mitigate risks with a supplier with over 100y of proven track record in engineering, manufacturing and servicing rectifiers and controls
  • Global manufacturing and local service footprint

Water- or air-cooled?

UNIREC H2 Air cooled solution

  • DC Current building blocks up to 4.5 kA
  • Scalable architecture achieve electrolyzer currents of up to 36kA
    Compact footprint
UNIREC H2 Water cooled solution

  • DC current building blocks up to 6 kA 
  • Scalable architecture achieve electrolyzer currents of up to 36 kA
  • Maximize power on given footprint - Up to 3 times the power on same footprint (vs Air cooled design)
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