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UNITROL® 6000 Light is the entry level solution of UNITROL® systems

UNITROL® 6000 Light is the productized system designed for small power applications and brings a new benchmark in flexibility, reliability and connectivity.

UNITROL® 6000 Light uses well-proven prefabricated functional modules. With single / double channel configuration and a wide selection of thyristor bridge module options, the system can be configured to meet all field data and availability requirements. No engineering effort is required.

UNITROL® 6000 Light systems can be built with up to two fully featured control / converter channels. Each channel is able to handle the maximum field current and provides diagnostic and maintenance functions including transient recorder. The power interface (PIN) and gate driver interface (GDI) provide potential barriers inside the power converter. At system level, combined input/output (CIO) devices are used to interface with internal and external analog and digital I/O signals. These devices are fully redundant, if required. Thanks to an improved HMI, the Control terminal is 100% configurable and it doesn’t need any programming skills during commissioning or in operation. It is the ideal system for the lower power range (25-300 MW).

Selected applications

  • Hydro power plant
  • Pumped storage power plant
  • Combined cycle power plant 

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