The power package for gas turbine start-up and generator excitation

Turbine start up: a delicate process 

The ignition of a gas turbine is a complicated sequence of events where several systems are interacting at different times.

It is also one on the phases with the highest chances of operational issues. To make it simpler and more efficient, we have developed MEGATROL®

MEGATROL: A combined ultra-compact solution for safe, smart, and reliable start of gas turbines and synchronous machines


ABB MEGATROL® is a smart and ultra-compact solution that combines MEGADRIVE-LCI static starting device (SSD) with UNITROL® 6000 static excitation system (ses) to enable synchronous machines to start gas turbines and provide a source of reliable power to the grid.

ABB MEGATROL constitutes a complete and solid power package for any power generation facility and is available in three versions:

  • Light for 1 to 3 MW
  • Medium for 3 to 5 MW
  • Power for 5 to 15.5 MW



MEGATROL is particularly suitable for gas turbines, combined cycles, pumped storage power plants as well as synchronous compensator stations.

The system provides high flexibility in the starting sequence also for a turbine that is already in motion.


So compact to fit in a container

The combined functionalities of MEGATROL allow for a compact mechanical design with the possibility to place all equipment in one container.

Cost-efficient with cross-start

The scalable and expandable cross-start functionality enables one static starting device (SSD) to start multiple turbines.

The system allows to connect up to a maximum of three SSD with six turbines and generators, with their related excitation systems.

Grid-code proof

TThe integrated UNITROL 6000 control functionality makes MEGATROL ready to support any grid code requirement.

The powerful data recording capabilities of the excitation control terminal (ECT) allow users to test, tune, and prove the performance of control, limiter functions, and system stability.

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