Faster grid connection and optimization of power plant operations

ABB’s grid code compliance solutions

Distributed and intermittent energy sources that continue growing their share in the energy mix in addition to  technologies such as electric cars, storage systems and low-net independent energy buildings are changing grid behavior and heavily challenging stability and reliability.

Transmission system operators (TSOs) are strengthening their grid codes, a set of rules and obligations to which all players who want to connect their power generating assets to the electric grid must comply with by providing detailed, high-fidelity power system simulation reports based on detailed components and control system digital simulation models, the so called digital twins that must be validated through site measurements or components certifications. Additionally, an increasing number of tests must be conducted during the commissioning and operation of the major components and control systems of power plants.

To help customers reduce the complexity of certification, alleviate internal teams’ effort and get upfront in the grid code compliance race, ABB has developed a set of unique modeling, analysis, computer simulations and commissioning services.

  • Modular power system simulation packages include simple control system parameters optimization (as AVR – automatic voltage regulator, and PSS – power system stabilizer) as well as detailed grid connection studies required to get allowance from the TSO to connect to its electric network
  • Digital simulation models of ABB’s UNITROL® 1000 and 6000 excitation systems for easy integration in PowerFactory and MATLAB/Simulink simulation environments
  • Grid code compliance commissioning site services for power utilities, system integrators and OEMs

Your benefits

Faster grid connection allowance

Grid code compliance studies with software, such as ABB’s SMTS 3.0, PowerFactory and MATLAB/Simulink, based on validated excitation system simulation models ensure fast, easy allowance to connect to the grid, preventing penalties and difficult technical communication with country TSOs

Fast and reliable grid code compliance testing

Minimized genset and generating unit commissioning time thanks to ABB’s experienced service engineers and in-depth knowledge of the most demanding national grid codes

Certified digital twins of UNITROL® excitation systems

UNITROL® 1000 digital simulation model certified by third party, TüV Nord, through computer simulations and physical tests. UNITROL® 6000 simulation model certified by Russian Research Institute for Pulse Technology (NIIPT) and North China Electrical Power Research Institute (NCEPRI)

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