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FOCS - fibre-optic current sensor


For measuring high dc currents

The easy and flexible use characterizes this technical innovation. Based on the magneto-optic effect (Faraday effect) in a single-ended optical fiber around the current conductor, the FOCS can measure uni- or bidirectional dc currents up to 500 kA with an accuracy of 0.1 % of the measured value.

 Key product features:

  • Compact design for fast and easy assembly, installation and transport
  • Immune to electromagnetic interferences due to optical measurement and therefore no need of magnetic centering, busbar studies or subject to saturation effects which reduce the accuracy
  • High accuracy of 0.1 % of the measured value for precise plant efficiency calculation
  • No special building structure for the protection and housing of the sensor
  • Optical current measurement for galvanic isolation of the system and low power consumption

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