Customer benefits

Lowest cost of ownership

In an economic calculation of the operation cost of a rectifier or converter system, various direct and indirect costs should be considered throughout the system's entire life. Savings in operational and energy costs will compensate for the initial investment. With ABB systems you achieve lowest total cost of ownership and boost your production.

Overall system design - to enhance the value of your system

The focus of our expertise and experience is on designing and engineering complete rectifier or converter systems. Our knowledge goes far beyond the rectifier itself. In fact we also supply transformers, filter banks, busbars, DC isolators, switchgears and many other electrical equipment to the DC substation. We take care of all aspects of planning, installation and successful start-up of the rectifier or converter system, based on the know-how acquired by executing hundreds of projects.

A local presence - worldwide

With offices in more than 100 countries and local engineering centers for high power rectifiers in all continents, ABB is well placed to offer local support.

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