Rectifiers for aluminum smelters

DC power supplies for aluminum smelters

The primary aluminum smelter process requires reliable, highly efficient DC power supplies. Continuous availability is essential for a successful smelter operation. ABB, a worldwide leading supplier of rectiformers, has the experience and technical expertise to fulfill your requirements and to come up with the optimum solution. This outstanding reliability has been proven in over 100 aluminum smelters worldwide. Our technology offers you a technical solution that minimizes risk, provides total system integration and ensures a high return on investment.

DC power from ABB – reliable, efficient and safe

Having a reliable power supply implemented by highly efficient rectiformers minimizes operational costs. The safety of personnel is a high priority for all our systems. With us you get equipment you can absolutely trust. Although the cost of the power supply is minor compared to the total investment, a loss of power can result in a tremendous production loss.

Overall system supply

We take care of all aspects of planning, designing, manufacturing, testing, shipping, installing, site testing, and starting up the rectifier system.

State-of-the-art technologies like well-proven diode and thyristor rectifiers, current compensation loops and booster rectifiers, in combination with increased voltage levels and robust and reliable design, demonstrate our market-leading position and our thorough understanding of the aluminum smelting process.

ABB’s success derives from the ability to develop highly customized integrated solutions that can match our customers’ most demanding specifications.

Enhance production

ABB designs and builds rectiformers to the highest quality standards. Our extensive industry experience enables us to understand your specific requirements. We provide a DC power supply that keeps your potlines running and enhances productivity.

Lowest cost of ownership

In an economic calculation of the operational cost of a rectifier system, various direct and indirect costs throughout the system’s entire lifetime should be considered.

With ABB rectifiers you achieve the lowest total cost of ownership and boost your production through

  • maximized availability
  • minimized losses
  • minimized maintenance
  • highest personnel safety
  • longest lifetime
  • global presence for service


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