Rectifiers for DC electric arc furnaces

DC power supply for steel, ferrochrome, titanoxid, ferronickel and arc furnaces – Increasing power quality for faster return on investment (ROI)

The primary goal of any electric arc furnace operator is to minimize overall capital costs, optimize production line quality and maximize efficiency and revenue. A further requirement is smooth and gentle operation in order to boost production line quality and lower the impact on the power grid. When it comes to power quality, power utilities can be very demanding, especially in the case of weak grids in remote locations.

That is why ABB offers an integrated system of DC power supplies for arc furnaces including power quality equipment that provides an unrivalled low life cycle cost to give you technical performance that boosts productivity and allows a fast ROI (Return On Investment) on your plant.

We design the power supply – you enjoy the benefit

We save you the stress of designing the power supply to achieve the required performance. We take care of both power quality and furnace power performance. 

Reasons for choosing DC electric arc furnaces

  • Low electrode consumption thanks to extensive work in optimizing system regulation
  • maximum arc stability
  • Excellent power quality even under weak grid conditions
  • Independent voltage and current control
  • Maximum flexibility with respect to raw material types
  • Robust and reliable design

Reasons for choosing ABB

  • Customized rectifier, transformer and DC reactor system
  • Intelligent control add-on packages for even higher electrode regulation performance
  • Support throughout the full life cycle and access to our worldwide 24x7 support line
  • Vast experience in various DC arc furnace applications
  • Total power system simulation capability
  • Integration of rectifier and power quality control equipment (e.g. SVC, SVC light, STATCOM) to enhance flicker performance

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High Power Rectifiers for DC Arc Furnaces

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