Rectifiers for electrochemical plants

DC power supplies for electrochemical processes like chlor-alkali

Continuous operation is crucial for a successfully operating of electrochemical plants. Then, not only is the production output maximized, but the overall capital cost is minimized and the return on investment is clearly in the owner’s favor. That is why ABB offers integrated systems of DC power supplies for electrochemical processes that provide unrivalled availability and uptime in combination with the market’s lowest life cycle cost.

DC power from ABB – equipment you can trust

The electrochemical industry is characterized by an aggressive and corrosive environment that is very threatening for the electrical equipment. Compromises on the ruggedness and reliability of the equipment are not permitted. Although the investment for the DC power supply is minor compared to the total plant cost, a loss of power results in tremendous loss in production and increased maintanance cost.

As a leading worldwide supplier of rectifiers, ABB has the experience and technological expertise to fulfill your demanding requirements. Attention to detail through many years of experience has given us deep knowledge of all components of a DC power supply for a chlor-alkali system. Our solutions are based on a total quality program, perfectly fitting a specific plant.

Total system design

The focus of our expertise and experience is on designing complete rectifier systems. This means that our knowledge goes far beyond the rectifier itself. In fact we also supply transformers, filter banks, busbars, DC isolators, switchgear and many other electrical equipment you may require. We take care of all aspects of planning, installation and successful start-up of the rectifier system based on the knowledge acquired by executing hundreds of projects.

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High Power Rectifiers for the Chlor-Alkali industry

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