Technical data medium current rectifier (MCR)

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Technical data 

Rated DC voltage

up to 1000 V*

Rated DC current

up to 200 kA*

Semiconductors - Diode or thyristor
- 3 to 4 inch types
Parallel connectivity possible
Semiconductor redundancy yes 
Rectifier connection DB or DSS
Pulse number per unit  6 or 12 pulse* 
Cooling  De-ionized water / glycol mixture 


- indoor as IP00 or IP21 (enclosure)
- outdoor as IP54 (enclosure or container)

 *other ratings on request

Main technical features

  • Small rectifier footprint
  • Wide selection of semiconductors from different suppliers and sizes to select best choice
  • Wide selection of fuses (single or double body fuses) from different suppliers to select best choice
  • Double side water-cooled semiconductors and fuses
  • Solid and self-supporting aluminum main-circuit structure
  • Vertical and horizontal arrangement available
  • Applicable for DB and DSS connection types
  • Applicable for 6 or 12 pulse systems IP00 protection class specially designed for rough industrial environment
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