High power rectifiers

DC or AC power from ABB - reliable, efficient and robust

ABB's high power rectifiers and converters provide maximum availability and highest productivity. As a leading worldwide supplier of DC rectifiers or AC converters for any industrial application, ABB has the experience and technological expertise to fulfill your demanding requirements with high priority on personnel safety. Medium current (MCR) and high current rectifiers (HCR) provide DC current in the range of 5,000 to 550,000 A as single or multiple units. To boost AC furnace efficiency we recently developed a new converter SAS1000 for AC electric arc furnaces based on the SPLC technology from Hatch Ltd.

Lowest cost of ownership

In an economic calculation of the operation cost of a rectifier system, various direct and indirect costs should be considered throughout the system's entire life. With ABB rectifiers you achieve lowest total cost of ownership and boost your production.




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