UNITROL® 6000 Static Excitation Systems (SES)

The ABB Static Excitation System regulates the terminal voltage and the reactive power flow of the synchronous machine by direct control of the field current using thyristors converters.

The excitation current goes to the generator rotor through brushes. The excitation current in this case comes directly from excitation converter. 

  • Direct Excitation current range: 200-12’000 A
  • Fast response (<20 ms) 
  • Fast field discharge by discharge resistor or inverter operation 
  • Size of excitation transformer depends on field requirements only 
  • Shorter shaft 
  • For maintenance on power rectifier the machine does not need to be stopped 
  • Direct measurements of field quantities Uf , If possible


 Static Excitation graphics



UNITROL 6000 Power
UNITROL 6000 Nuclear

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