UNITROL® 6000 Indirect Excitation Systems

Main features of UNITROL® 6000 Light and Medium

Basic regulator functions

  • Voltage regulator with adjustable PID controller (AUTO operating mode)
  • High Initial Response (HIR) control scheme
  • Field current regulator with adjustable PI controller (MANUAL operating mode)
  • Reactive and/or active current droop / compensation
  • Superimposed controller for machine or tie-line power factor or reactive power
  • Power System Stabilizer (PSS)
  • Manual restrict

Limiters for:

  • Underexcitation (UEL) and overexcitation (OEL)
  • P/ Q underexcitation
  • Volt/ Hertz 

 Operation control functions

  • Operation of all auxiliaries
  • Start-stop sequence for any configurable application (supply mode(s), unit operation modes e.g., generator / motor)
  • Exciter operation modes (AUTO, MANUAL, IMPOSED CONTROL)
  • Automatic follow-up of all non-active control modes
  • Reference value setting
  • Reactive load reduction to zero before shut down
  • Support of TEST sequences for commissioning and maintenance

 Monitoring and protection functions

  • Over current, inverse time and instantaneous
  • Internal event recorder with real-time stamp
  • PT and/or CT signals supervision
  • Loss of excitation
  • Rotating diodes (rectifier) branch faults

 Field bus serial interfaces


Human Machine Interface (HMI):

Service Control Panel (SCP) - one per control channel:

  • Instrumentation
  • Local control functions (start / stop / reference value setting)
  • Local control parameter setting
  • Alarm and Event display

 Excitation control terminal (ECT)

  • common for all control channels
  • ECT can be located at the excitation system as a door panel for local control and / or in the central control room for remote operation


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