ABB TechTalks for Power Generation

ABB TechTalks are live and interactive web sessions that focus on technical topics - from basic to advanced knowledge - presented live by our ABB specialists. The focus of these online TechTalks is on the Power Generation market.

Features of ABB TechTalks:

  • Live and interactive web sessions with practical demo
  • Focus on technical topics from basic to advanced knowledge
  • Open for your questions
  • Presented by specialists from ABB
  • Access to all previous recordings and material

Missed a webinar? No problem! Watch the recording!

We also recommend

Parts Services for P14 modules

As good as new: Mannheim’s Procontrol P14 Service department can offer – depending on the requested modules – different product related services.

The following services are part of the portfolio

  • Module Repair: Repair of the module including 12 month warranty on exchanged components.
  • Service Exchange: Exchange of defect module with a refurbished one from ABB stock. This reduces the lead time for the customer.
  • Fitting: Overhaul of the module including exchange of components (e.g. capacitors), update of the software and functional test.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with timely, high quality, cost-effective services to keep your equipment running ‘as good as new’. No matter how simple or complex the equipment, with our outstanding experience and extensive knowledge we provide you with accurate diagnostics and services.

Expert Workshops

Deep system knowledge for engineers: demos, hands-on exercises, information not only on control systems, but also covering design principles, best practices and methodology, in-depth system knowledge, troubleshooting.

Expert Workshops are targeted for engineers, who wish to develop a measurable level of competencies.

Questions you are facing during the workshop are for example:

  • Type and name of plant
  • Location of plant
  • Number of units
  • Are all units identical?
  • How many units are in operation?
  • Is there a current defect detected?
  • (If yes: mechanical/ electrical/ control)
  • How long is the plant going to be operated?
  • Type of control system
  • Year commissioned
  • Number of cubicles
  • Number of marshalling cubicles
  • Module types
  • Fingerprint/ OVE/ bill of material
  • Current spare part stock level
  • HMI Operating systems
  • ABB Softwares installed


Procontrol P14 Training Courses

We offer various tailored trainings according to customer needs. These trainings can be held at customer site, within ABB training center or remotely. Courses may differ for Maintenance and Service, commissioning and operator personnel. 

Learning objectives

  • Basics of Procontrol P14: Structure, cubicle, modules, power supply, technical terms
  • Diagnosis Concept: Structure of control system diagnosis
  • Overview Engineering-, Documentation and Service
  • Practical exercises
  • Programming-, Diagnosis- and Display System
  • Operator Training
  • Trouble Shooting with CDS and PDDS

It is also possible to create a customized training that suits your needs.

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