Safe, sustainable, and cost-efficient combustion for any power and industrial application

ABB AbilityTM flame scanners


ABB Ability flame scanners are designed to detect and control burner flames across a variety of fuels, providing the accurate quality and temperature assessments your power plant and industrial operators need to be constantly aware of any unstable combustion situations.

With real-time data on DC intensity, flicker frequency, AC amplitude, quality and flame management, you can assess individual burner safety and combustion parameters, such as air-to-fuel ratio and NOx emissions, to help prevent hazards and develop advanced and efficient boiler combustion control strategies.

Suitable for both retrofit and greenfield installation, our flame scanners are operational within minutes of plug-in, and are developed to help industries comply with the most stringent safety and emission control regulatory standards. 
Safety - Prevent harmful hazards and avoid major plant shutdown that can amount to considerable financial liability

Savings – Gain reliable flame information in multi-fuel and waste gas combustion plants that can increase the boiler turndown ratio without addition of expensive fuel support

Optimization - Access qualitative information (e.g., Temperature, flicker frequency, DC intensity, AC amplitude, etc.) to fine-tune combustion parameters

Available solutions

All ABB solutions are suitable for power generation, oil & gas, chemical & refinery, cement plants and more

SF810-PYRO and SF810i-PYRO

Our latest flame scanner families, SF810i-PYRO and SF810-PYRO offer the “Live Flame Temperature” visualization, a qualitative reading directly related to the burner combustion efficiency, such as air fuel ratio and NOx emissions.

Uvisor SF810i integrated flame scanner

The Uvisor SF810i integrated flame scanner and signal processing unit incorporates the latest automation technology and requires less hardware to provide safe and reliable boiler operations.


FAU810 & SF810 conventional flame scanner

The Uvisor FAU810 signal processing unit and the Uvisor SF810 flame scanner system both enable economical replacement of old or faulty flame scanner systems with separate scanners and analysis units by only replacing components where absolutely necessary, reusing wiring, cabinets and other investments

ABB Flame Explorer_light3

Flame Explorer

This ABB proprietary software enables real-time monitoring of the flame status and diagnostics data.  By connecting to the DCS via OPC, it provides flame scanner values for use in control and monitoring 

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