OPTIMAX® for virtual power plants

Aggregate any number of decentralized energy resources 

OPTIMAX® helps our customers thrive given new opportunities presented by the bi-directional flow of energy and information.

OPTIMAX® for Virtual Power Plants aggregates and optimizes decentralized energy resources into a virtual power plant. You can then advantageously buy or sell in wholesale energy markets or provide energy as a subscription service.

Decentralized energy resources can range from dozens to many thousands of units, from microsites (kW) to utility scale (MW), and be spread over a large geographic area


Why ABB?

  • Reliability:  Numerous proven installations in all sizes, with the long-term support from the world’s leading control system company
  • Scalability:  Easy to operate and easy to scale without disruptions to the grid; reduce labor costs while improving energy savings and adding new revenues
  • Flexability:  You’re in control: together we’ll adapt the systems to your business model and objectives 


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