Maintaining control system functionality in Denmark

ABB and Amager Resource Center (ARC), a Danish waste management company, have developed a service agreement that keeps control system functionality at the highest levels of performance and uptime.

ABB and ARC have recently implemented a control system functionality agreement with the purpose of maintaining functionality and uptime in ARC's control system and plant production process.

This means that both companies are focused on ARC’s strategic target of 100 percent uptime at its waste-toenergy plant in Copenhagen, Denmark. The new concept allows ABB to propose and implement measures towards the customer’s overriding target, not just activities related to specific points of service. When the strategic target is met, both companies share the savings.

Dynamic agreement

With the service agreement in place, both parties take responsibility for staying ahead of potential problems and, in the event that problems occur, solving them in the right order. Since both parties inform each other of important matters that arise during plant operations, the service agreement is naturally dynamic and progressive. With this, ARC and ABB can anticipate potential control problems and find solutions for control systems and control system hardware.

If the targeted uptime is achieved, the savings are shared. Targeted uptime is measured on a monthly and quarterly basis in order to ensure continuous focus.

As part of the cooperation ABB logs on weekly to ARC’s control management system and power generation information (PGIM) system, collecting historical operations data for environmental reporting, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) reporting and other technical reports. In this way ABB is able to monitor the actual state of the facility’s systems. This allows early identification of potential issues, and a regular check and review cycle.

Additionally, ABB project managers visit the ARC facility each month for meetings with ARC personnel to exchange operational information. To ensure the best possible levels of trust, confidence and continuous collaboration between the two partners, a nominated and specialized ABB service engineer is connected to the agreement.

Comprehensive coverage

As ABB is involved in identifying requirements and selecting future solutions at the plant, the service agreement is wide-ranging. It covers software updates as provided by Automation Sentinel (ABB’s control system life cycle management program) as well as the replacement of components. The service agreement also includes third-party equipment and software. ABB ensures regular checks, corrections and updates, and can make requests with regard to equipment and the training of employees. The long-standing relationship of trust between the two companies was a vital prerequisite for the agreement and such close cooperation. It is a win-win arrangement, in which both ABB and ARC can share best practices and knowledge.


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