Helping Egypt to generate much-needed power

ABB is delivering a plant control and optimization solution to ensure reliable and cost-effective production at a new thermal power plant in Egypt.

ABB has won an order from East Delta Production Company (EDEPCO) to provide a distributed control system and plant optimization solution for the new Suez Thermal Power Plant in Suez, Egypt. EDEPCO is one of five regional utilities owned by the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company, which is responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy throughout Egypt.

The gas and oil fired power plant will have a generating capacity of 650 MW of much-needed electric power. Electricity consumption in Egypt has been growing by an average of 7 percent annually since 2000. Outages are frequent in many parts of the country due to the high level of demand. Suez Thermal Power Plant will alleviate the pressure on power supply by increasing Egypt’s generating capacity by a significant 2 percent.

ABB has been supplying distributed control systems to EDEPCO and the other four regional utilities for the past 30 years. Around one in four of the country’s 70 power plants are equipped with ABB distributed control systems. Together these 22 plants produce 12.5 gigawatts of electric power, which is around one-third of the country’s capacity.

“We are delighted to have once again been selected by EDEPCO for this important project,” says Massimo Danieli, head of ABB’s power generation business, a part of the company’s Power Systems division. “Our control and plant optimization solutions have a long record of reliable and cost-effective operation, both with EDEPCO and the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company.”

The solution comprises a state-of-the art ABB distributed control system that will control the entire power generation process at the plant. The simple and scalable system architecture will provide EDEPCO with a control platform that they can easily and cost-ef fectively evolve as their automation and business requirements change over time. Integrated with the control system, the plant optimization package will enable EDEPCO to maximize plant per formance and manage plant assets efficiently. ABB is also responsible for design, engineering, commissioning and training.

Suez Thermal Power Plant is currently under construction and scheduled to start production in 2015.

Around one in four of Egypt’s 70 power plants are equipped with ABB distributed control systems.


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