Solar plant automation

ABB commitment and belief in renewable energy is demonstrated by an expanded plant automation offering, with products and solutions addressing the needs of the renewable energy industry. Some of the crucial requirements from solar PV plant operators are constant supervision of the production, maximization of the solar energy yield, real time information about the system status, grid code compliance. ABB has an answer for all of this and more.

Solar energy yield can be maximized by avoiding shadowing: with ABB high-precision tracking system, featuring very precise positioning algorithms and equipment, solar exposure can be optimized for maximum production. For fixed tilt panels, ABB provides industrial class string monitoring solutions capable to supervise large number of panels. High system availability is supported by ABB transformation centers (or inverter stations), packed with features for monitoring, control and protection.

Plant wide SCADA solutions ensure that all relevant plant data is stored and analyzed by diagnostics applications to improve efficiency of the plant.

Remote monitoring solutions further improve the effectiveness of operations and maintenance of solar plants, boosting capabilities for remote control, diagnostics and predictive maintenance
Overall plant control schemes ensure grid code compliance, around the clock, around the globe.

Why ABB?

Our tradition in delivering world class automation systems combined with the expertize in solar plants makes us the perfect technology partner for anyone in the solar industry. Fully integrated automation solutions, from the panels to the hands of operators or maintenance personel, reduce integration costs, delivery time and ensure high performance of the plants.

  • Leading automation solution combined with world class solar power expertize
  • Integrated automation solution, from the panels to the remote management centers
  • Integrated automation and electrical connection system



Solar power plants

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