The Harmony DCU is a microprocessor-based control unit that interfaces with local frame-mounted or Profibus network-connected S800/S900 I/O for monitoring and controlling a process on a standalone basis. Also available are interfaces to serial connected I/O such as Modbus and Allen Bradley DF1 protocols.

Designed for batch, sequential, and regulatory control, the Harmony DCU includes a full range of digital and analog control functions implemented by Controlware II application software. The Harmony DCU supports a redundant Ethernet process highway, with each Harmony DCU capable of interfacing with more than 1,000 I/O points. 

Why ABB?

  • Redundant processors with automatic switchover
  • Redundant power supplies with current sharing
  • Redundant Ethernet network interface
  • Interface to flexible, distributed I/O, including intrinsically safe options


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