Powerful control modules for all binary and analog control functions

Control modules process the information independently like a multiprocessor system so that no central processing unit is required, as in other DCS. The programming determines whether the control module has to control a drive, a function group, a discrete regulation task or a complex processing function. This concept enables easy distribution of control tasks to suit the requirements and possibilities on site. Four module types are available differing in number and type of process interfaces and control applications:

  • 83SR04: Binary and sequential control (SIL3 certified), 4 process interfaces for relay output or binary I/O
  • 83SR50: Binary and analog control, group and unit control, drive control, 3-step-control, 4 process interfaces for  binary and analog  I/O
  • 83SR51: Analog control with continuous output, group and unit control, 2 process interfaces for binary and analog I/O
  • 83SR52: Analog control with continuous output and pulse inputs, 2 process interfaces for binary and analog I/O

 Why ABB?

  • 32 bit CPU executing application programs based on predefined proven function blocks
  • On-board process interface with binary & analog I/O channels including signal processing
  • Permanent hard and software self-diagnosis is carried out in the background during normal operation


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