Engineering and Diagnosis

Complete engineering, configuration, programming and diagnosis toolset

Efficient engineering tools simplify plant design, documentation and maintenance. Three tools are available to perform all engineering, configuration, programming and diagnosis tasks of the system. 

EDS is the engineering, documentation and service system supporting straightforward VGB compliant function oriented design, commissioning and optimization of control system functions. EDS has access to all the modules of the control system throughout the plant, and provides central management of complete plant data and documentation.

PDDS is intended for use by commissioning and maintenance personnel to display lists, bus signals and module internal signals, to simulate signals or to diagnose disturbances. PDDS provides comprehensive management of all system configuration data online and offline.

CDS is the tool for automatic registration, recording and indication of all disturbances. Detailed system analysis and diagnostic functions are provided for the maintenance engineer.

 Why ABB?

  • Generation of all configuration data and automated data download onto the modules and the HMI system
  • Creation and modification of instruction lists in "online" and "offline" mode
  • Automatically created and updated digital image of the complete control system


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