P14 Safety

SIL 3 certified boiler protection system Procontrol PF

Procontrol PF is a  safety-oriented control system SIL3 certified by TÜV according to IEC 61511 that switches the process to a safe state before a potentially dangerous situation can become critical. It is a three-channel 2oo3 (2-out-of-3) protection system enabling the implementation of safety-oriented applications.  It includes standard test functions to periodically test all protection system components.

Even during periodic testing, the protection system is active and can trigger emergency trips if required. The P14 remote bus provides the system with a non-interacting connection to all plant control functions. The use of field-proven modules of identical design requires no additional interfacing efforts and facilitates diagnosis and maintenance activities. Safety-relevant signals and circuits are generated, processed and tested within the protection system. The engineering of the safety application is performed using standard system engineering tools EDS and PDDS.

Why ABB?

  • 2oo3 system architecture (3 parallel channels, 2oo3 protection activation)
  • Integrated solution using the system engineering tools PDDS and EDS with password protection
  • SIL3 certified standard Control and I/O modules,  Hard wired distribution of the sensor signals to the protection channels


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