Complete Symphony Plus retrofit for Hazelwood Power Station in Australia

ABB was awarded a contract from GDF Suez to retrofit the control system

The Hazelwood power station has a nominal capacity of 1,542 MW from 8 generating units. ABB had earlier retrofitted and successfully commissioned Units 1 and 2 at the same power station. Our technical and process know-how coupled with a proven track record of successfully executing similar projects gave the customer the reassurance and confidence that a world class project delivery could be expected from ABB.

ABB was responsible for the design, engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of a Symphony Plus control system for Units 3 and 4, which provides automatic control for the boiler unit and alarm system. ABB’s Symphony Plus offering includes S+ Operations, Human Machine Interface, BRC410 controllers and associated rack I / O. Utilizing the system’s cutting edge capability, our solution provides high capacity process controllers, advanced function code libraries for application programming and automatic control loops optimized to strict tolerances. By providing precise control of the main plant parameters, the solution enables each unit to operate at a high level of efficiency, reliability and availability. Stress levels on critical components are also significantly lowered, thereby extending equipment life and reducing maintenance and downtime.

Upon completion, the customer benefited from improved asset availability, operational reliability and production efficiency, and met additional business goals such as asset life extension, carbon dioxide reduction and regulatory compliance. The overall project was completed in January 2013.

Main data

Application: Coal fired power plant
Capacity: 1542 MW
Technology: Symphony Plus
Geographical location: Australia and Oceania
Year of commissioning: 2013

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