Rapid delivery of S+ Operations for new Cairo power plant in Egypt

ABB successfully delivered Symphony Plus HMI solution for a 600 MW fast-track gas-fired power plant project owned by Cairo Electricity Production Company (CEPC).

CEPC is one of Egypt’s largest electric utilities, producing 20 percent of the country’s electrical energy. In order to meet the increasing demand for power in the capital, the company constructed a new gas-fired power plant which consist of four numbers of 150 MW capacity units.
Construction of this fast-track project began in September 2011 and was completed within 10 months only, in June 2012. This rapid delivery met CEPC’s requirement to have the plant producing power in time for the peak demand period in summer where the use of air conditioning was expected to soar.
CEPC awarded Ansaldo Energia the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract to design and construct the plant, which consists of four units equipped with four gas turbines plus the relevant generators and auxiliary systems.

Ansaldo Energia selected ABB for its ability to meet this very challenging deadline and for the speed and simplicity with which the S+ Operations solution can be configured and commissioned. The solution controls the four units of turbines, the wastewater treatment control system as well as the demineralization control systems. ABB supplied complete system design, engineering, hardware, installation and commissioning of the entire distributed control system,  including the Symphony Harmony rack hardware.

Other customer requirements include a large capability for data storing and archiving, separate historians for each of the four units, remote monitoring of the turbines and seamless multi-device integration.
ABB provided unlimited storage capacity, with self- maintained historian and separate servers for handling historical data. Multiple interfaces which consists of serial and IEC870-5-104 interfaces, were provided for external device integration.
Remote turbine monitoring was a mandatory requirement by customer and ABB’s solution allowed them better, safer and more reliable access, control and monitoring of activities for the turbines.

Speedy project execution was facilitated by S+ Composer, which made it possible to configure all the HMI workstations from one station at the same time, thereby reducing commissioning costs.

Main data

Application: Gas-fired power plant
Capacity: 4 X 150 MW
Technology: Symphony Plus
Geographical location: Africa / Egypt
Year of commissioning: 2012

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