Extension, upgrade and retrofit made easy

Having the most up-to-date systems is essential for you. And so is hassle-free implementation. We provide a complete solution for low-risk system migration. 

Enhance your equipment availability and performance and get maximum return on investment with our low-risk, phased migration strategies for a wide range of products and systems. You can use your existing DCS assets cost effectively until the end of their full life cycle, and our upgrade and retrofit programs provide operational improvement by focusing on integrating all system and control components.

Our services include

  • Software upgrades
  • Cost-effective retrofit solutions that enable low-risk and phased migration to the latest technology
  • and more

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Get the industry advantage with:

New generations of software and system components that increase operating efficiency and extend system life
Our staged evolution approach that provides the flexibility to maintain or improve plant operations
Our expertise to develop and deliver measurable results to your products and systems

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