Fleet optimization

Your fleet needs to work efficiently and seamlessly as one.

So we developed OPTIMAX®.

Technological innovations, cost reductions, new business models, and enabling policies are accelerating the transformation of the traditional electricity grid into a decentralized grid — with both energy and information flowing both ways. 
The challenge is how to turn the potentially disruptive effects of multi-source, distributed energy into an efficient and profitable way of doing business.

You want to know exactly what’s happening on your fleet, with quick detection of optimization problems and real time control. And that’s why we developed OPTIMAX®, a powerful and dynamic online optimization solution that connects directly to your automation network. Choose OPTIMAX®, and you choose a fleet that always runs at its economic best point. It puts you in control by supporting the planned production of generation assets and helps integrate renewable generation into power systems, transforming them into a flexible and dispatchable source of energy.

Get the industry advantage with:

Over 30 years of experience, innovation and pioneering expertise in distributed power generation, supplying products, systems and solutions
Leading automation solution combined with world-class wind power
Plant performance analysis from high level KPIs to detailed life time and condition monitoring of components
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