Symphony DCI System Six

Symphony DCI System Six is the latest offering in an evolutionary line of distributed control systems that began in 1979.  It provides redundant controllers with S800 and S900 distributed I/O, modular control modules with custom control language, a proprietary redundant Ethernet control network, controller engineering station, flexible batch operation, and a connectivity interface to 800xA and Symphony Plus systems.

Why ABB?

Each generation of the DCI family of products has been centered around ABB's commitment to excellence in design and support, with features to ensure flexible growth and continuous evolution.

This latest version offers:

  • Redundant, reliable network based on standard Ethernet components
  • Online and offline, project-based controller configuration
  • Evolution path to ABB flagship 800xA and Symphony Plus systems

ABB’s automation systems policy of ‘Evolution without obsolescence’ makes sure you can still capitalize on your past investment by ensuring that each new generation enhances its predecessors. Click here to learn more about the latest technology and how you can upgrade to it.

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