Field-proven, reliable control of heavy-duty application and processeses

The Symphony Harmony Bridge Controller is the latest in a long line of proven multi-function controllers, and can be adapted to a broad spectrum of applications and process requirements.
The BRC controller is compatible with previous Network 90 and INFI 90 controller hardware and software architectures. This provides a predictable and risk-free evolution for an installed system’s control execution environment.

Features include: 

  • Enhanced controller reliability with scalable, configuration-free redundancy at all levels
  • Improved performance, 10 times more powerful than the previous generation
  • Simultaneous support for all Harmony I/O subsystems
  • Downloadable firmware
  • 100 Mbps Ethernet port for Modbus TCP protocol communication on control level

Symphony Harmony Control is complemented by a full line of I/O interfaces to meet all plant requirements and by dedicated interface modules and devices for all turbine types, OEMs and sizes.

Why ABB?

  • ABB’s “evolution without obsolescence” policy protects customer investments
  • Highly reliable and uninterrupted control of processeses
  • High performance and capacity for heavy-duty applications

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