ABB modular press retrofit for Rheinische Bergische Druckerei


The Rheinische Bergische Druckerei in Duesseldorf, Germany, which prints well-known newspapers like the Rheinische Post, is modernizing the press controls on part of its KBA Commander press.

The order, which was placed with ABB through the press manufacturer Koenig & Bauer, covers the replacement of the control systems on two printing towers and the turner bar units associated with two folders.

The project sees the use of ABB’s footprint-compatible adapters that have exactly the same form, dimensions and connections as the original KT94 CPUs and CS31 I/O devices. The adapters mean that modern ABB AC500 PLCs and I/Os can be installed easily whilst retaining the original wiring. In addition, the compatibility of the new and old systems means that the original controls can be replaced on a step-by-step basis.

The additional processing power provided by the AC500 PLC also means that the number of CPUs required for the tower control systems can be halved.

Thomas Troendle, ABB Printing’s sales manager for Germany, explains “This project helps to ensure the reliability of the press at the Rheinische Bergische Druckerei and at the same time eliminates any difficulties with the availability of spare parts. The modular retrofit on two towers frees up parts that can be used as spares for other press units.”

The commissioning of the new systems will begin in Duesseldorf at the end of August of this year.

The ABB AC500 system mounted on the adapter that gives it footprint-compatibility with KT94 PLC

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