Northern European paint producer strengthens and secures operations with ABB Ability™ Advanced Digital Services

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Remote services reduce time and money needed for maintenance


ABB experts were initially approached to review the current firewalls and network equipment to determine what more the customer could do to fend off potential cyber-attacks. The customer hoped for ABB to monitor and support the site remotely from ABB offices, thus providing fast on-demand access to experts with reduced costs and no travel time. The solution also had to be compliant with a proprietary firewall solution at the plant.


To deliver better service securely, ABB service specialists implemented the ABB Remote Access Platform (RAP). The ABB RAP solution is a web-based application in client/server architecture offering a secure channel between the on-site client and ABB servers for easy remote access and diagnostics of ABB equipment.


On behalf of the production site, ABB experts are now able to:

  • Proactively monitor the control system
  • Diagnose problems
  • Provide a resolution before an issue impacts production
  • Remotely analyze data and provide status reports

This service enables the customer to focus on their operations by perfecting troubleshooting, solving maintenance issues faster and reducing the number of service incidents. It also reduced field service costs for transportation to the site, which was six hours away from the nearest ABB service center.

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