ABB Rapid Response Saves Refinery from Hurricane Harvey’s Clutches

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After Hurricane Harvey destroyed 53 ABB gas chromatographs at a large Texas refinery, ABB sprang into action, manufacturing and replacing 24 units while repairing 29 others – all within three months.


  • Completely replace 24 PGC3100/PGC2000 chromatographs and their associated sample panels
  • Repair 22 PGC2000s and the seven PGC5000s
  • Build and deliver 15 analyzers by late October
  • Deliver the remaining nine shortly thereafter
  • Work a 12-day-on, one-day-off rotating schedule to meet deadlines
  • Working with temporary power
  • A complete lack of application data


ABB set an aggressive timeline and worked around the clock, while adhering to the strictest safety guidelines, to rectify the refinery’s disaster damage in record time.


The accomplishment is remarkable. A total of 53 gas chromatographs were either repaired or replaced in just over two months. Several analyzers that were repaired were over 20 years old, and most application data was unavailable. Engineers had to rely on their experience to apply and configure these systems. This is a huge testament to the can-do spirit embodied by ABB personnel up and down the manufacturing and service chain.

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