Colombian oil and gas company reduces maintenance costs and increases cyber security for its ABB distributed control systems

23 of this customer’s mid-stream gas pumping stations rely on ABB control systems. The stations are located across Colombia and required time-consuming and costly maintenance efforts for their customer team.

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The customer wanted to:

  • Reduce maintenance costs for their ABB control systems
  • Keep those installations up to date and protected with improved efficiency
  • Consider cost-effective upgrade options to the control systems


ABB offered a global Automation Sentinel group agreement to simplify maintenance and protect the 23 ABB control systems. This agreement covers all control systems under one Automation Sentinel group subscription at an advantageous price.

Customer benefits

The Automation Sentinel group subscription simplifies maintenance and allows for better management of control system software as well as reduces the cost compared to single subscriptions for each system. Every ABB 800xA control system covered benefits from the lifecycle support services of the Automation Sentinel Program


  • Control system software is always up to date through technical corrections, service packs, software revisions, updates and upgrades
  • Company receives Microsoft® security patches and third-party antivirus files verified by ABB for relevance and system compatibility to secure its systems against cyber threats
  • Increased system stability reduces loss of production
  • Operators and plant management can access relevant information through My Control System, a secure web-based platform
  • A flexible upgrade path is available for stations running earlier generation ABB control systems
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