Unveiling the value of edge computing

Edge computing brings real-time processing power, the hosting of applications and data storage closer to where it is needed. This delivers a range of benefits including greater performance, faster response times, reduced latency and improved resilience, optimization of available bandwidth and strengthened cybersecurity.

This paper discusses the role and benefits of edge computing in the industrial automation space, where it can improve operations by uniting cloud and control environments to enable advanced data aggregation, analysis, reporting, and asset management.

It’s all about the data

Today’s digital networked economy is characterized by a relentless drive to greater efficiency and resilience, underpinned by the need for organizations to create ‘more from less’.

Like other industry sectors, process control and automation operators must optimize the quality, resilience and sustainability of their operations in the face of numerous challenges including increased global competition, rising costs and a broad spectrum of cybersecurity threats.

Understanding edge and its potential

Edge computing is a relatively new phenomenon in ICT industry terms. Identified by technology analyst Gartner as an emerging trend in 2018, edge has been anticipated as one of this decade’s biggest technology shifts, reflected in a fast-growing range of solutions coming to market. Complementing other industry trends including Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it will be an enabler for a world of real-time applications from robotic surgery to self-driving cars.

Data in context: powering process optimization with edge, analytics and AI

Industrial plants create vast amounts of data which holds significant opportunities for improvement however even today not all of this data is being used. To stay competitive companies need to identify a data analytics strategy that spans from site, edge and to the cloud to fully leverage the potential that lies in this data.

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