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To expand and intensify our support to Industrial Customers, ABB is offering Trial kit for a period of 1-3 Months for piloting to evaluate fault statistics & value generated from Asset insight system.

Kit Consists of:

  • 2 x ABB SmartSensors Gen 2 (HCHC)
  • 1  x ABB Wireless Hart Gateway AWIN120 + installation kit (box, antenna)
  • Asset Insight Software hosted on 1 laptop

This will help organization  in making decision and plan on Enterprise fleet level deployment for critical and Medium critical assets.

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Experience the value of the AssetInsight

How do you ensure the reliability of your rotating equipment to maintain production uptime?

Challenges & risks in operation and maintenance work for rotating equipment.
Unplanned downtime : cost of production loss (firefighting)
Demographic change : lack of expert knowledge on site
High costs for repair and manual on-site inspection (Material, mounting, labour, etc.)

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ABB Ability™ AssetInsight will address your daily challenges and main risks

For all the End users who are starting their Asset Performance Management (APM) journey using software tools, one of the biggest  challenge is to get the real time condition of auxiliaries & especially rotating Assets. This is to ensure Safe & Reliable operation, achieve operational excellence and preserve corporate reputation.

ABB Ability™ AssetInsight is a low-cost solution that provides continuous, automatic monitoring of rotating equipment, leveraging predictive analytics that provide early indication of faults before they occur. Use live equipment data to optimally plan maintenance activities with lower costs, fewer safety incidents and fewer production losses.

Key Features:

Provides users instant and secure access to the asset data they need

  • Aggregated equipment health overview, highlighting asset with degraded condition
  • Failure detection for Bearing damages,  Looseness, Misalignment, Cavitation and Imbalance
  • 14 Day Failure prediction AI Algorithm
  • Report Generator
  • FFT spectrum data dashboard for raw data diagnostics
  • Deployable on Premise and in Customer or Azure Cloud

Why should you care?

Source: McKinsey
23 Percent

Production potential is lost due to downtime and suboptimal performance.

Source: Vanson Bourne
260k USD

is the average amount per hour that unplanned downtime costs across industries.

What are the benefits to your business?

20k to 160k USD

Average estimated costs for reinvestment after total damage depending on the machinery size

1k to 10k USD

Average estimated costs for major repairs depending on the machinery size

How it works in real life?

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