ABB Blending & Formulation Customer Day

Embrace the future of manufacturing efficiency

Manufacturers worldwide share a common pursuit: the production of safe, high-quality goods in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner. In this dynamic landscape, heightened awareness of resource utilization, such as energy and water, plays a pivotal role in achieving overall cost efficiency and sustainability goals. Discover the path to achieving these goals through cutting-edge technologies and innovative process design with ABB.

Event highlights

Date Event  
April 30, 2024 ABB Blending & Formulation Lubricant Customer Day, Dubai Register now 
April 25, 2024 ABB Blending & Formulation Paint Customer Day, Singapore Register now 
April 24, 2024 ABB Blending & Formulation Lubricant Customer Day, Singapore Register now 

Pioneering sustainable solutions and innovative technologies

The ABB Blending & Formulation Customer Day invites you to engage with the people fueling innovation excellence. Challenge, brainstorm, and ideate with us as we unite industry experts, process engineers, product specialists, digital experts, and our visionary leadership team—all working tirelessly to shape the future manufacturing landscape.

Join us as we work together to craft the blueprint for tomorrow's manufacturing excellence. Delve into discussions addressing your production unit challenges and collaboratively explore innovative solutions to shape the future of manufacturing plants.

Why Attend?

  • Direct engagement: Connect with industry leaders, product engineers, process specialists, and digital experts who have spearheaded large-scale blending and formulation projects.
  • Insights and methodologies: Gain valuable insights into our proven methodologies and discover how we excel in providing exceptional service care for our extensive global install base.
  • Live demos and workshops: Be part of live demo sessions and workshops to understand how we optimize asset utilization, ensure reliability, and enhance overall performance.

Agenda highlights:

  • Future-proof your business: Build a sustainable production unit
  • Too hot to handle: Unleashing the power of process engineering
  • Project execution: Delivering outstanding customer satisfaction
  • Dive into the digital wave: Revolutionize paint processes

Immerse yourself in the "Innovation Expo," your ultimate destination for cutting-edge product showcases and specialized breakout sessions. Dive into sessions designed to boost your plant productivity, elevating operational excellence through enhanced efficiency, unwavering reliability, and optimized asset utilization.

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About ABB Blending & Formulation

Your Trusted Process Engineering Partner

At ABB Blending & Formulation, we stand as process engineering specialists, dedicated to providing tailor-made solutions, process modules, and cutting-edge control systems for formulation and blending units across the globe. With a rich legacy and over 70 years of invaluable experience, our commitment extends beyond delivering products; we craft industrial solutions that define efficiency, accuracy, and excellence.

For further information please visit our website: Blending and Formulation | ABB

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