Whitepaper: Process safety and hydrogen

The key process safety steps required when handling hydrogen on your plant

Hydrogen use is expected to grow enormously in the coming years, both for storing and transporting energy and as a carbon-free fuel. To do this safely, a few crucial points are important to consider and act upon.

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What's inside the whitepaper?


Process safety


Hydrogen handling and key process safety steps

Safe operations – regarding workers, plant and equipment, communities and the environment should be the foundation of any industrial or commercial process.  With hydrogen gaining widespread attention as an energy carrier for a growing range of applications in both industry and transportation, it is vital that any company working with hydrogen, or planning to work with it, is well aware of the safety hazards involved.

This ABB mini-brief is intended to provide a basic outline of the key safety points to be considered when expanding the use and application of hydrogen.

ABB experts that contributed to this whitepaper

Gaynor Woodford-Phillips_retouched1
Gaynor Woodford Philips  LinkedIn
Safety Lifecycle Services Manager

Stephen Beedle  LinkedIn
Process Safety Consultant

Graeme Laughland  LinkedIn
Senior Process Safety Consultant

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