Winds of Change – Episode 1

Narrated by Catriona Corradine, Head of HSE, Energy Industries, Northern Europe

This first instalment of Winds of Change introduces the reasoning behind the transition to more renewable energy sources.

Chapter one: A crisis needing urgent action

Voiced by Pedro Patacao, Global Industry Business Manager, Offshore Wind, Energy Industries

Pedro discusses the urgent need to reduce dependence on fossil fuels due to their negative impacts on the environment and human health. He highlights the ongoing challenges facing the worlds emission targets in a race to fight climate change.

Chapter two: Burning out the problem with fossil fuels

Voiced by Leah Oxford, Global Industry Marketing & Communication Manager, Energy Industries

Burning fossil fuels has long been the only source of energy our world has seen, Leah explains the challenges associated with fossil fuel extraction and emphasises how they are the primary source of the greenhouse gas emissions that are having a devastating affect on the world as we know it.

Chapter Three: Facing up to the energy supply fragility

Voiced by Kjell-Arne Gjerde, Market Development Manager, Offshore Wind, Energy Industries, Norway

In this chapter Kjell discusses the fragility of energy supply chains and the recent disruptions in energy markets. He introduces the concept of the World Energy Council Energy Trilemma Index, emphasizing the need for energy security, equity, and environmental sustainability.

Chapter Four: The journey towards energy transition

Voiced by Tor-Eivind Moen, Business Development Manager, Energy Industries, Norway

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that climate change is a direct result of 150 years of burning fossil fuels, Tor-Eivind highlights the need to reduce emissions to achieve global climate targets whilst also discussing the challenges and opportunities of transitioning to renewable energy sources.

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