Winds of Change – Episode 2

Narrated by Catriona Corradine, Head of HSE, Energy Industries, Northern Europe

In the second audiobook of the series, ABB’s experts look in more detail at the different renewable energy alternatives, discuss why offshore wind has a vital role to play in helping to achieve the world's carbon reduction goals and review some of the challenges associated with building out offshore wind assets.

Chapter Five: Exploring the alternatives

Voiced by Havard Devold

In this chapter Harvard highlights the challenges and advantages of various renewable energy options, including wind, solar, hydro, ocean power, geothermal, biomass, and nuclear.

Chapter 6: Offshore wind, a critical component of energy transition

Voiced by Linnea Espevik, Technical Consultant, Energy Industries, Norway

The cost-effectiveness of wind power and its increasing contribution to global electricity generation is undeniable, in this chapter, Linnea discusses the advantages of offshore wind, its rapid growth, and the challenges it faces.

Chapter 7: Matching supply with demand

Voiced by Kjell-Arne Gjerde, Market Development Manager, Offshore Wind, Energy Industries, Norway

To ensure success, it is paramount to first confirm the correct infrastructure is in place to meet a wind farms demands. This chapter focuses on the challenges of balancing energy supply with demand, especially in the context of renewable energy sources are discussed alongside the need for optimized investments, resource availability, and lessons from the offshore oil and gas industry.

Chapter 8: Unlocking the Potential of Offshore Wind

Voiced by Hanna Kjoniksen, Power to X Market Development, Energy Industries, Norway

Camilla Lie, Technical Consultant, Energy Industries, Norway

Asmund Maland, Global Industry Business Manager, Subsea, Energy Industries

Havard Devold

ABB's contributions to offshore wind are discussed in specific details highlighting their wealth of knowledge when it comes to electrical systems and grid integration. The experts discuss the benefits of offshore wind partnership and ABB products and solutions related to low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage, grid integration, microgrids, off-grid solutions, grid stabilization, automation and control systems, substations, and energy management.

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