Winds of Change – Episode 3

Narrated by Catriona Corradine, Head of HSE, Energy Industries, Northern Europe

The construction, operation, and maintenance of offshore wind assets present numerous challenges that require a broad variety of resources, knowledge, and hands-on experience. These demands are best met through collaborative efforts among expert partnerships. In the concluding chapter of our audiobook series, we highlight ABB's essential role within offshore wind partnerships and how it can significantly contribute to success.

Chapter 9: Unlocking the value of partnerships

Voiced by Frank Wilhelmsen, Industry Sales Manager, Offshore Wind, Energy Industries, Norway

In this chapter, Frank highlights the importance of partnerships for offshore wind operators, given the challenges of working in harsh environments and the limited availability of a skilled workforce. He references real-world applications, whilst emphasizing how ABB's expertise can create networks that meet changing demand patterns whilst using the latest digital maintenance technologies to deliver remote service and support.

Chapter 10: Embracing the opportunities of offshore wind with ABB

Voiced by Pedro Patacao, Global Industry Business Manager, Offshore Wind, Energy Industries

Pedro introduces ABB's portfolio in the wind energy sector, emphasizing its ability to support complex projects and wind operators' growth strategies.

Conclusion: Why the energy transition is a journey, not just a destination

Voiced by Pedro Patacao, Global Industry Business Manager, Offshore Wind, Energy Industries

The energy transition involves new approaches to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, in this closing statement from Pedro he emphasizes the importance of tackling barriers to implementation and improving energy performance throughout operations. Offshore wind is key to the future of energy generation.

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